You may not be able to spell paleontologist or archaeologist but now your child can have lots of fun being one. Well, practicing anyway. Watch them experience the excitement of discovery; the joy of finding the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors or scraping away the dust from a dinosaur bone. Dare we say it, these toys are educational! But they’re also lots and lots of fun. Mini Kits. Kits with paint. Kits that will become bookshelf displays – and best of all, its not a video!

Archeological Pack


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Archeological Pack       

In Overships Archeological pack you will receive:

Terracotta Warrior

Dinosaur Dig out and painting kit

Dinosaur Fossils - Dig It Out

Dinosaur Book & Dig Kit

Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Egg

Have an adventure in your home as you dig out the remains of the extinct reptiles and Terracotta Warriors!

Using your Archeological tools you can discover different animals and learn about the Asian culture! These easy activities are great for the rainy days and even better…for the family!

Get these packs before they are sold into extinction!

*Note image for illustrative purposes only.
**Mini Dinosaur - Dig It Out (purple box pictured) has since sold out and is not included in the pack. Price has been adjusted accordingly.