You may not be able to spell paleontologist or archaeologist but now your child can have lots of fun being one. Well, practicing anyway. Watch them experience the excitement of discovery; the joy of finding the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors or scraping away the dust from a dinosaur bone. Dare we say it, these toys are educational! But they’re also lots and lots of fun. Mini Kits. Kits with paint. Kits that will become bookshelf displays – and best of all, its not a video!

Excavation and Painting Kit Collectors Pack



Excavation and Painting Kit Collectors Pack


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Excavation and Painting Kit

Let your child explore the world of dinosaurs all in the safety of your home! Let them dig for fossils and learn about the extinct species all at the same. This fun and inventive activity can help keep your kids entertained for long periods of time. 

Using the digging tools, they will have to scrape away the plaster carefully to reveal the hidden object inside. After all the plaster has been removed the object can be safely removed, giving your child satisfaction after digging. 

Each plaster has a different dinosaur inside giving your child motivation to keep digging!

Each Dig Out Kit is made from a mixture of sand and gypsum and comes with archeological tools such as a wooden chisel and brush, perfect for the young archeologist!

And once your done excavating you can paint your dinosaur! 

These kits’ can also be used as a fun family activity where the imagination runs wild! 

But instead of just buying one, why don’t you buy the whole collection and make your archaeological experience complete!

These are great activities to do around the home! Or better yet, why don’t you use them as fun activities for a birthday party! Forget pass the parcel and musical chairs… let your child be the coolest kid in school!

When you buy the whole package you will receive:

Woolly Rhino Dig it Out Excavation kit including paint.

Smilodon Dig it Out Excavation kit including paint.

Woolly Mammoth Dig it Out Excavation kit including paint. (Sold Out. It will be replaced by one of the other animals).

Megatherium Dig it Out Excavation kit including paint.