Xtreme Sportswear Sale! Xtreme sports demand xtreme eyewear. Eyewear that stay on through the toughest workout. Entropy VII sunglasses were made for Xtreme sports. The polarised protection you need to cut sun glare are now here at an affordable price – complete with the security strap, so your Entropy VII’s are still right there on your melon at the end of your ride, climb, run or paddle. And not left behind on some rock, sandbar or trail. Cool, secure protection at a great price.

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Entropy Gear VII Adventure Sunglasses
No matter the sport, when you're choosing your sunglasses, you need the 3 essentials that make up the perfect pair - protection of the eyes, fashionably desirable and finally, you need them to remain on your head at the end of the day.

The Entropy Hear VII's are the true meaning of Xtreme Sports eyewear. Using advanced Polarized Technology. the Entropy Gear VII's Adventure Sunglasses are designed to reduce reflection off water, snow and other wet surfaces, to improve your vision in strong light situations. ''Sevens'' have 'Orbital Protection' that gives your eye sockets an extra defence in high impact strikes.

The Entropy Adventure Sunglasses comes equipped with a specially designed, small and unobtrusive, strap that holds firmly on your melon, allowing them to be used for any challenge you can put them too.

No matter what your sport, your “Sevens” will always perform. Time after time.

  • Polycarbonate Polarized or Polycarbonate Prismatic lens
  • Prismatic lenses are fog resistant
  • Strong secure strap keeps glasses on your melon
  • Sunglass case and microfiber cloth comes standard with all our optic range.
  • Entropy Gear Sunglasses are warranted for manufacturers’ defects for three months
  • Exceed Australian Standards

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